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Stereotypes in Psychology and Everyday Life

Stereotypes develop from our desire to know better the world around us. They allow us to organize the vast amounts of data and information that we come across in our everyday activities. They are forms of generalizations and, therefore, they are product of our thinking process (or more often the thinking of other people which we accept as our own). The problem with stereotypes, though, is that too often they tempt us to oversimplify the world around us or the world that we do not actually know but pretend to know through the stereotypes.

Francis Kurkdjian
Fragrance, Life

Do you think you really know Francis Kurkdjian?

Francis is a person of Renaissance proportions and I would like to give you at the very beginning of my story about him just a few clues about the incredible personality and multiple talents of this modern Leonardo da Vinci: artist, business leader and visionary, chef, ballet dancer, member of one of the highest orders in France, and last but not least a passionate gardener.

Hermès short history
Fashion, Life

Is Hermès the greatest fashion brand of all time?

Hermès are widely known as being a manufacturer of positional goods that impress everyone. So, the Hermès products are a real head-turner. Every lady knows that the possession of a Hermès product would clearly demonstrate to the whole world that she has real class, most sophisticated taste, impeccable style, and, last but not least, a lot of money (to be more precise loads and loads of money).

Interview with Sylvie Chantecaille
Beauty, Life, Skincare

Beauty Talk with the Legendary Sylvie Chantecaille

Sylvie Chantecaille is such a versatile and extraordinary person that one conversation with her can only provide you with a glimpse at some of her astounding accomplishments in the world of luxury beauty.  Sylvie attained huge success in the beauty industry soon after she launched her family brand in 1997—what …