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Francis Kurkdjian
Fragrance, Life

Do you think you really know Francis Kurkdjian?

Francis is a person of Renaissance proportions and I would like to give you at the very beginning of my story about him just a few clues about the incredible personality and multiple talents of this modern Leonardo da Vinci: artist, business leader and visionary, chef, ballet dancer, member of one of the highest orders in France, and last but not least a passionate gardener.

La Bouche Rouge review

The luxury beauty brand La Bouche Rouge are trying to save the environment

The values and the philosophy of La Bouche Rouge as a luxury beauty brand Earlier this week I had the honor and the pleasure to present to my highly-esteemed readers an interview with the legendary Sylvie Chantecaille who is the founder the renowned brand ‘Chantecaille’. You can read my beauty …

Tom Ford Bitter Peach review

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Review

The scent of Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum first gets a little fruity and then it develops into a mixture of fruity, spicy, and floral sensations. There is a subtle development of the sweet redolence but the Bitter Peach fragrance does preserve to a very large extent its initial and essential odor till the end. Still I enjoyed very much the dry down.