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How to minimize Crow’s Feet without medical procedures

Having crow’s feet in your 50s and on shows that you enjoyed life because you laughed and expressed your emotions. However, now it’s very essential to start taking proper care of your skin in order to maintain the good-looking skin that you have. ? Having crow’s feet in your early …

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Guerlain Abeille Royale Skin Defense Youth Protection SPF 50 Review

The Summer. The Sunscreen. The Skincare When someone says “summer” I always picture myself at the beach holding a glass of fresh tropical juice and enjoying a mesmerizing sunset. Well, that’s in my dreams. ? The reality is a tiny bit less beautiful: me with my usual workload trying to …

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Winter Skincare: How to Get Soft and Glowing Skin during the cold months

Even though brands have already released their spring makeup collections, and announced their summer collections, and we are suddenly looking forward to dive into the fall trends…. Let’s take a break for a minute and let’s face it: it’s still February and it’s all snowy in Paris… and it’s still …