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What causes wrinkles

Let’s face it. We’re all concerned about wrinkles and how to prevent them. When we’re teenagers we would do anything to look older. And once we turn 20 we start running to the bathroom trying to sneak mom’s Retin A. As we age, we start to accept a few lines here and there. After all these are lines of smile, beautiful moments, hard times and this is all part of our life. We can’t stop time but let’s see what are the main reasons that cause signs of aging and let’s learn a few tips on how to prevent premature ageing.

FUNNY FACT: Proper skincare can prevent the majority of wrinkles.

Sun Exposure and Premature Ageing


The number one reason for premature ageing and wrinkles is sun damage!  And this one has the easiest fix: just wear sunscreen religiously – every day! Problem Solved. But be careful: Foundation or CC/BB creams or any kind of tinted moisturizers are not enough and do not count as sunscreen. They can provide additional protection but don’t use them as your main protection.

Muscle use and Wrinkles

making faces

Our face has a lot of muscles. These muscles help us to express our emotions. But excessive muscle use will lead to more wrinkles. You can’t stop smiling or expressing your emotions but probably keep that in mind and don’t overreact with your face expressions. Making faces is not very elegant anyways. ?

If you have fine lines that you want to correct, simple skincare and chemical peels will give you great results. AHAs & BHAs as well as retinol can smooth fine lines and make you look younger.

However, be careful when using these products! You must use them correctly. Otherwise they can damage your skin and increase sensitivity! Sign up for my blog newsletter because I will be sending product recommendations there.

Free Radicals

Free Radicals are tiny particles that damage the cells in our body and cause premature ageing. Some common free radical triggers are sun’s UV rays, environmental aggressors, pollution, cigarette smoke, and toxins.

Antioxidants are your solution to fighting free radicals! Antioxidants will help to neutralize free radicals.

Here are some useful antioxidants that will help your skin to fight off free radicals:


Ascorbic Acid (aka Vitamin C)

Vitamin E

Ferulic Acid

Make sure to incorporate these ingredients into your skincare routine and you will notice the positive results quickly ?

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal Changes

As we age, our body starts to produce less hormones and this affects the way your skin looks. Some women might notice that as they reach the age 25 + they notice a couple of dark hairs on their chin. That’s because of the change in the hormone levels.

how to prevent premature ageing

Signs of ageing become most visible as women start reaching menopause. This is the time when the body starts to produce less collagen. And this is the time when you should be even more consistent with a HIGHT QUALITY SKINCARE BUT NOT NECESSARILY HIGH END AND SUPER EXPENSIVE SKINCARE!  As a luxury content creator I love to try super expensive skincare but the truth is that the high end brands don’t always use the best skincare ingredients that will help your skin to recover and regain it’s luminosity. That’s when looking at the ingredient list becomes crucial for maintaining beautiful skin.  Spoiler: I will get into more detail on menopause skincare in one of my next post so stay tuned. ? 


Unfortunately we have to accept that wrinkles and fine lines are part of us. Yet, we can learn how to prevent wrinkles and premature ageing. As we age, we are all going to get fine lines and wrinkles but as long as we have the correct skincare we are going to age beautifully! Remember that every age is beautiful and every woman is gorgeous and unique! 

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