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New YSL Water Stain Review & Swatches


New YSL Water Stain Review & Swatches

New YSL Water Stains new lipsticks

Get READY to shine with the new YSL WATER STAIN

YSL have released a new line Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Water Stain. The new Water Stains combine the high shine finish of a lip gloss and the longevity of a lipstick. These fresh glossy stains will give your lips a long-lasting wet look and a hint of color.

new Yves Saint Laurent  Vernis A Levres Water Stain review and swatches
New YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres WATER STAIN

If you’re a fan of glossy lips but you hate the need to reapply your lip gloss every 30 minutes to keep it looking fresh and shiny, this product is definitely for you. The new YSL Water Stains look like a lip gloss but they are a lot more long-lasting than your regular lip gloss. YSL’s fresh glossy stains feel very lightweight on the lips and you can build up the color as much as you want. Most lip stains are very sheer and almost transparent but if you want you can build up the color to get a more intense glossy color on the lips.  

YSL Water Stain – Shades and Longevity

There are 17 shades available on the YSL website, I have swatches of 12 of them. The paler shades last approximately 2 hours on the lips (if you don’t eat). In my experience the darker shades last a lot longer (almost 4 hours if you don’t eat). Some of the colors are very sheer and you need to build up the color in order to be able to see it on your lips (614); other shades are quite intense and offer medium coverage and bold color with a single stroke of the wand. (612).

new Yves Saint Laurent  Vernis A Levres Water Stain swatches



High shine wet look on the lips


Feel comfortable on the lips

Not Drying

Can be layered on the lips without feeling heavy

Nicely shaped applicator


Pricey for a lip gloss

Not moisturizing (they don’t feel drying on the lips but they are not moisturizing either)

Currently available HERE. Coming soon In Sephora, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth

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  1. The shades are gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them

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