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Paris: La Ville Lumière


Paris: La Ville Lumière

Paris La Ville Lumiere

Paris La Ville Lumiere

5 reasons to visit Paris this summer

When the colors of the sunset take your breath away…

When walking down the street and you feel the irresistible scent of freshly baked croissants…

When you’re rushing to the nearest café to hide from the unexpected rain and a young gentleman suddenly opens the door for you with a polite smile … you’re not dreaming, you must be in Paris ?


Visit Paris to get inspired

Paris is not just the City of Lights, the home of the beloved Eiffel tower and beautiful architecture; Paris is a source of inspiration with it’s inimitable and unique lifestyle. The Ville Lumiere easily seduces you with it’s exquisite atmosphere: modern, yet classic; colorful yet sophisticated and elegant. Once you visit Paris you can never forget it. It steals your heart and marks your memories so deeply like no other city. It becomes part of your own romance, a love story that touches your soul. Yes, there is something special about Paris and even if you don’t fall in love with the city, you will get inspired and learn to respect it for always.


The perfect last-minute getaway

When I think about Paris so many things suddenly come to my mind: the flowers, the little cozy cafes with always rushing elegantly dressed waiters, the mesmerizing architecture, the art, the views, the Seine, the pastries – always freshly baked and decorated as if waiting for the perfect Instagram photo to be taken, and of course ‘La Dame de Fer’ – The Iron Lady; the most beloved symbol of Paris also known as the Eiffel Tower. Planning a trip to Paris is a hard task because there so much to see and do that it’s best if you just relax and dive into the Parisian atmosphere and let Paris do the rest. This makes Paris the perfect last-minute getaway in the summer. You don’t need planning. You will always find your unique way to discover the city and you will never be disappointed. Don’t follow a strict schedule. Even Parisians don’t know all the secrets of their city. You can find beauty everywhere and getting lost in Paris is a wonderful experience. Actually, this is the only city in the world where you could enjoy getting lost and then finding your way back to your hotel.

Beautiful Paris


Fun, rooftop cafes and LOADS of food…

You say fun, I say Disneyland, Paris. There is a good reason why this is the most visited theme park in Europe. Located just 20 miles east of the center of Paris, this wonderland brings you back to your childhood and can make anyone smile and feel like a child for a day. We all dream to turn back time every once in a while and feel the careless freedom of a child, don’t we? ?

When I talk about the city of Lights, I can’t help mentioning the acclaimed French cuisine. Paris is the world’s culinary capital. Well, you could argue with me but no doubt that France has one of the best cuisines in the world. And that fame is well deserved. No matter the budget that you have, Paris is the place where you will enjoy some of the finest and most refined dishes that you will certainly remember. The bad news: forget about your diet and don’t feel guilty about it.

Parisian desserts

One of the reasons why Paris is such an attractive destination during the summer are the fabulous rooftop bars, cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city of love while sipping your favorite cocktail at sunset. Most rooftop bars open in the beginning of June. Definitely worth a visit!


Little guilty pleasures

As we talk about exclusive gastronomic delights, I have to mention some guilty pleasures that have always tempted me: the French DESSERTS. If you are a chocoholic like me or you just like to enjoy a fine dessert with your afternoon tea, while having a spectacular view in the heart of the most romantic city in the world, then Paris is definitely your destination. Try the iconic Les Deux Magots where you can soak up the authentic Parisian atmosphere or explore the city and find your own little spot to mix with the locals. And if you are a chocolate lover don’t forget to stop at Angelina. The place is known to have the best hot chocolate, and some of the finest desserts in Paris. This is a historic tea house known as one of favorite spots of Coco Chanel.

Angelina Paris macaron


If you’ve ever dreamt seeing Mona Lisa…

Paris is home to some of the most famous art in the world. Here, in the city of love you can visit the largest museum in the world – the Louvre that showcases works such as da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa. It’s a good idea to book in advance in order to avoid the frustrating line and don’t forget to plan your visit and the artworks that you want to see, otherwise you might get lost. There is way too much to see so plan how to use your time here.

Beautiful Parisian sunset

Are you ready to get packing? ? Share with me which is your favorite summer destination?



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