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Holiday home gift guide

Hello dear friends and welcome to my Holiday Home Gift Guide ?

It’s that time of the year again! Some like to call it the sweater season, others the pumpkin spice latte season but we’re all in that festive Christmassy mood. This is the perfect time to treat yourself and your family with a Holiday home gift – one that will bring joy to everyone and will make your home cozier for the Holiday season. Let’s forget the beauty gifts for a moment and treat your house instead. ? Here are some luxury gift ideas for your home. 

It’s the Holiday season so let’s start with CANDLES

Candles are the perfect holiday gift for everyone and for your house as well. They come in all different shapes and sizes to fit any budget or taste. A scented candle is probably the easiest way to get in that festive Holiday mood. Here are some of my favorites: 

BOOK is a window to the world

Books can be an amazing home gift. I’m not talking about the typical book that you’re going to read alone in your bedroom. I’m talking about the kind of books that can serve both as a home décor and will be fun for the whole family to read together. Depending on your family’s interests you can always find something beautiful and intriguing that will bring joy to everyone. Or just be selfish and get Coco and the Little Black Dress and dive into the life of the iconic Coco Mademoiselle…. It’s gorgeous! Isn’t it?

But first COFFEE …

You can’t start the day without a proper Italian ristretto. ? Believe me, this one is worth the investment and is the best home gift! When I move somewhere or when I change house, the first “homeware” that I buy is good espresso machine. There are so many options on the market but I like to choose wisely and I always choose something affordable and of a high quality. That way I can enjoy my strong Italian espresso in the morning and have a luxurious foamy cappuccino in the afternoon. Here are my picks:

Turn the LIGHTS on

If you can afford to splurge some extra cash, lighting is definitely worth the investment. Not just for Christmas. There are so many beautiful options but here are some of my favorites:

Little things that have Big Impact

When I’m sharing my favorite home gifts I can’t miss all the little things in the home décor that make a huge difference. From vases and pillows to artwork and mirrors. Sometimes a few accessories can bring new atmosphere into your home. Here are some ideas:

Let it snow…

My home gift guide will not be complete if I don’t include some Christmas decoration. Here are some pieces that will get you in the mood for Christmas for sure

Are you getting in the mood for Christmas? 🙂

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