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Why is art so important for me and for you as well?

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Why is art so important for me and for you as well?

My connection to art

I have many passions and hobbies but one of my most cherished occupations is to relish the works of art which elevate my spirit and provide me with relaxation and joy. Since I was a schoolgirl, I developed quite naturally taste for art. I was visiting museums, reviewing art magazines,  and reading  art books. As a university student, my love of art made me enroll in several courses related to art. Nowadays I barely manage to devote as much time to art as I would like to but still I cannot stop thinking about art and having discussions about art quite often. Great works of art have always inspired me. Of course, it would be misleading and insincere to claim that art in itself has provided me with any solutions to purely practical problems. In my opinion, however, life should not be downgraded to simple fixing of urgent and important problems. Yet, art is so powerful that it can have therapeutic effects on people. Even more importantly, art can be a great diversion and entertain us.  I believe that whatever makes us smile and think critically at the same time should be encouraged in every possible way.

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My blog posts on art

I would like to share my ardent love for art with my audience on a regular basis so that we can enrich one another. I hope that I will produce some food for thought with respect to works of art that deserve appreciation and admiration. I also hope that I will be challenged by your feedback and thus we can have some meaningful discussions on topics that will be both intriguing and thought-provoking. Art is very often so provocative and enigmatic that people usually do not have exactly the same perception of any objet d’art. But this is something that should not bother us at all. Everyone agrees that Mona Lisa is one of the most significant masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci.  I also think that Mona Lisa is a paragon of beauty. However, this particular masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci which is the outcome of his artistic excellence and genius has been so widely exposed to everyone that I do not feel tempted to analyze and write about it. I am confident that a lot of people would vehemently express their dissatisfaction with this attitude of mine. In my defense I would like to point out that I will not ignore Leonardo da Vinci’s work because he has created fantastic art objects that still take my breath away.

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Art is everywhere around us

Art is very often neglected for the simple reason that it is present in numerous forms in our daily life. The Eiffel Tower, for instance, has become the symbol of Paris and one of the most popular tourist attractions of Paris and France. Consequently, most people have already created some very powerful associations with the Eiffel Tower but those associations for sure only marginally and not always involve the artistic value of this most amazing masterpiece of 19 century architecture.  I fully understand that the Eiffel Tower is so multifaceted and complex in its significance for the whole mankind that the pure artistic importance of this incredible monument of human creativity can be difficult to focus on. Accordingly, it will be an immense pleasure for me to dissect this monument of human greatness as an incredible objet d’art.

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The scope of art

My understanding of art differs from the established classification of art into separate categories such as fine arts, visual arts, applied arts, etc. as I believe that this classification is incomplete. I am very liberal in my approach to art because I consider as art some purely utilitarian objects such as dresses and luxury automobiles, for example. Fashion and car industries are entirely business-oriented, but that fact alone does not detract, in my opinion, from the aesthetic value of the products of those industry. Coco Chanel is a magnificent example of a fashion designer that has transcended the limits of the stereotype for a professional seamstress.

Yet, I will limit my aesthetic pursuits to paintings, sculptures, architecture, and some art forms that I find extremely appealing such as pottery and jewelry.  I adore music but I will refrain from analyzing musical compositions. I am an avid admirer of Mozart but I have decided that there is no point in expanding the art that will be covered in this blog with music although Mozart’s music particularly is simply divine. I also do not plan to examine movies and theater productions. Obviously literature will not be included as well in my blog posts on art.

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Interpretation of art

There are numerous approaches to art which try to explain what is art and what purposes the art should serve. It should be emphasized that the perception of art differs not only from person to person but also from one historical period to another. The Giza Pyramids are a fine example of amazing structures serving as burial complex. Later (a few thousand years after their completion but still in the Antiquity) the Giza Pyramids were regarded as unrivaled architectural feat and they were designated as one of the seven wonders of the world by the ancient Greeks (the Ancient Greek art deserves our special and full attention and I intend very soon to write a blog post about it).   The Giza Pyramids turned out to be so solid and perfect in their construction that they have survived to the present day. Without doubt the Egyptian art is quite unique and fascinating but in this particular instance the ancient Egyptians did not consider the Giza Pyramids as objets d’art per se. This phenomenon is usually interpreted through the prism of the ritual theory.

There are many other theories which provide conceptual framework for art such as formalist theory, imitation theory, expression theory, cognitive theory, postmodern theory, and even propaganda theory. Of course, I will take full advantage of those theories but at the same time I believe that interpretation of art should not be subject to any doctrinal or theoretical paradigms. Instead, we should try to use our own imagination with respect to any art object and complement it with our knowledge and critical thinking. So, I promise you a most fascinating and exhilarating journey into the magical world of art. Are you ready for it? (I believe you are ?) Stay tuned for my next art blog post.

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  1. Frances says:

    I adore art and I am just amazed by the expression of creativity that has been produced around the world. I am looking forward to more of your posts on art, and especially on Ancient Greek art, as I love the Classical period. The Acropolis is one of the most breathtaking places. And the display of Ancient Greek art in the London Museum is so fascinating and amazing.

  2. Lora Lee says:

    I too am an art lover and enjoyed art history in school. When I travel to Europe I have to go to the many museums that I feel do not compare to the ones in US. Who doesn’t love Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo’s work. I truly appreciate the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, as well as landmarks dating back like the Pyramids and Stonehenge. There’s nothing like it when you see these beautiful works of art in person.

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