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The Valentino Makeup Adventure

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The Valentino Makeup Adventure

In the beginning of this year one of the iconic high-end fashion brands developed a brand-new line of beauty products. That brand was Hermès and they started their venture in the beauty industry by creating their first lipstick line – Rouge Hermès. You can read my review of the Hermès lipsticks HERE. Not surprisingly, another fashion giant followed into the steps of Hermès. That giant is Valentino (Maison Valentino) with their new Valentino makeup line.

Are Valentino likely to have an impressive start in the beauty industry?

I am really curious exactly what beauty products Valentino will offer to the makeup lovers in the near future. Valentino have not made any specific announcement yet. However, quite recently they created their beauty account in Instagram. It is apparent that they plan on having their first makeup products’ release very soon.

Two years ago Valentino and L’Oréal officially disclosed their collaboration which had resulted in entering into an agreement for the manufacturing of luxury beauty products. Those products were expected to be marketed exclusively under the Valentino brand. The Valentino luxury beauty products, incl. their first makeup products, were also expected to be offered in the market in the beginning of 2019. However, nothing happened last year. So, I was thinking that the partnership between Valentino and L’Oréal had come to a grinding halt for some reason. It turns out that the partnership is still alive but there was need for delaying the premiere of the Valentino luxury beauty line. Obviously we cannot be sure about the success or the failure of the Valentino makeup exercise. It seems a very risky move but we can ponder on the advantages and the disadvantages of the partnership between Valentino and L’Oréal.

Pros and cons of L’Oréal involvement

Let’s start with the cons. First, it will be a very awkward experience for the luxury makeup lovers and collectors to pay top dollar (and this is the natural outcome of the use of the Valentino brand) for low-end makeup products. Second, will Valentino have any role in and impact on the development of their luxury beauty line or will L’Oréal simply take care of everything?

Now let’s have a look at the possible pros. First, L’Oréal have extensive expertise in the beauty industry and presumably they could reach the next level for Valentino. Second, it would have taken too much time and resources for Valentino to develop their own expertise in the beauty industry. However, the shortcut is not always the best possible solution to a problem.

Valentino makeup

What to expect from the Valentino makeup products

I have to admit that I have positive expectations about the Valentino makeup. And I realize that the new Valentino makeup line will be developed by L’Oréal. My positive expectations are based on the unquestionable professionalism of the Valentino and L’Oréal employees. Anyway, I am looking forward to reviewing the Valentino luxury beauty products. So, you can expect from me to share with you my first impressions and thoughts about Valentino new venture in the world of beauty cosmetics.

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  1. Lora Lee says:

    I agree with you Angela it will be interesting to see what comes of Valentino makeup line vs L’Oréal the mega company that will want to surely have their hands in it. I wasn’t even aware that Valentino was trying to put out a makeup line. Thank you for the article.

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